Are kerbside collections of general waste a good idea?

When you consider the environment in which we live and work, we don’t think so.

If your one of London’s booming rat, mice or fox population times have never been so good.  (Rats attack!)

Every day we see bag after bag ripped open and the contents spread across the streets, made worse by wind and rain then picked up on the tyres of moving vehicles which spread it far and wide.

How many of you blame the split bags on the urban fox?, think again we regularly see the bags being ripped open and the contents sorted by people looking for food or anything else that may be of use.

Have you ever considered the type of information that is being thrown out in your general waste on a daily basis? In our experience here are just a few.

Confidential office papers, USB sticks, ID passes, C.V’s and estimates to name but a few and with the increase of identity theft and fraud the details of your company are left un-attended for all and sundry to find and use or sell on to the criminally minded. Can you imagine the damage that could be caused to your company name and your clients?

The 1998 Data Protection Act became law in 2000, it includes the disposal of paper and computer held data. Section 55 of the act says that a person must not knowingly or recklessly procure the disclosure of information contained in personal data, this applies to your general waste left out and unattended for kerbside collection if it was found to contain personal details of employees or clients.

An accident waiting to happen?

Not to mention your responsibility for the health and safety of the general public when your general waste bags are left on the pavement for anyone to trip over and fall causing injury and in this day and age of the no win/no fee claim society in which we live, it’s not going to be too long before, if it’s not already happened that you find someone’s made a hefty claim against you.

Have you considered the partially sighted or the blind when leaving your general waste bags strewn across their path?

We have, to all of the above!

Let us collect your general waste bags from inside your offices at no extra cost, it’s just a thought? We will incinerate your general waste as part of the service (see General Waste).

If your current service provider operates a kerbside collection service for your office recycling bags, we can collect them at the same time as they still pose most of the dangers we’ve already mentioned.

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