Empty  cartridges once collected are fully dismantled and cleaned. Brand new, key component parts are installed, which guarantees optimum performance and refilled with fresh toner.

To avoid breakages used toner cartridges should be put back into their original box.

Why Recycle

Every year approximately 45 million toner cartridges are not re-used, resulting in a huge strain on natural resources and increased carbon emissions.

To manufacture just one cartridge alone takes approximately one litre of oil.

Branded Originals v’s Re-Manufactured Cartridges

A common objection/company policy is ‘we only use original cartridges in our printers’. Remembering the fact that branded original cartridges are both environmentally expensive and even more costly from a budget point of view, the ongoing battle is to change the above policy within companies / organisations and encourage them to do their bit in making an environmental difference.

Every re-manufactured cartridge used by our clients removes from the market place a branded original consumable product which, to produce, is high in energy, has high emissions and is a drain on natural resources.

FREE Toner Cartridge Trial Offer

Through our partnership with the re-manufaturing company we are able to supply new and prospective clients, a ‘peace of mind’ offering. This comes in the form of a free sample toner cartridge, so you can see for yourself how they compare with the branded original cartridges. This free trial cartridge is subject to a subsequent order being received for the same or different cartridges. The cost of the initial requested trial cartridge will be supplied at a 30% discounted price and will be deducted off the invoice for the subsequent order.

This testing exercise will clearly highlight the fact that the savings you’ll make will not be at a price and the quality, yield and overall performance is not compromised in any way.

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