Although we encourage the separation at source of recyclables collected as best practice, we are aware that space can sometimes be limited and collecting items for recycling in this way requires fewer bins.

This can however lead to people using the bin for general waste and the actions of one thoughtless person can render all that has been collected useless due to contamination and unfit for use in manufacturing.

Dry Mixed Recycling allows paper, cardboard, plastics, food tins and drink cans to be mixed together in one single container or bag.

Unlike some other recycling companies we draw the line when it comes to collecting glass in this way. Broken glass shards that contaminate the recycled paper create huge problems in the paper manufacturing process. It increases wear and tear on the machinery and the glass shards become embedded in the paper, creating a hazard to end users. There are many paper mills that do not accept paper for recycling that has been collected as part of a dry mixed recycling source because of this.

Should you choose to use our services, we will arrange a collection schedule to remove the materials for recycling and take to a materials recycling facility (MRF) for sorting and grading. Once segregated and undergoing various stages of decontamination and further separation the items will be reused in the manufacturing of new products.

The amendments in September 2011 to the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations to include the ‘Waste Hierarchy’* means:
That waste producers have to adopt an order of priority when managing their waste prior to disposal.
From January the 1st 2015, waste producers will need to ensure their waste can be collected separately.

*Waste Hierarchy – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Energy Recovery, Landfill.

We can supply a full range of recycling containers for rental or purchase (see RECYCLING BINS).

Recycling Stickers

All materials should be clean and dry (No Food or Fluids)



Phone directories
Office paper (plain and coloured)
Brown/white envelopes (inc windows)
Birthday and Christmas wrapping paper*


Cereal boxes
Corrugated cardboard
Cardboard tubes, e.g toilet/kitchen roll tubes
Birthday and Christmas cards (No additives e.g glitter)
Egg boxes**
Food and drink cartons/tetrapaks

*The quality of the fibres used for recycling are of no use as the paper is normally too thin, dyed, laminated and contain non-paper additives e.g. glitter, plastics or silver and gold colouring.

**Egg boxes that have contained broken eggs should not be recycled due to the risk of salmonella.


Food tins
Drink cans
Biscuit/sweet tins
Metal lids from jars
Foil trays


Plastic Bottles (inc bottle tops)
Plastic Bags
Yoghurt Pots
Margarine Tubs
Plastic Trays
Plastic Wrapping
Plastic Cups
Bubble Wrap
Cling Film
Plastic food containers/punnets
Carrier Bags

These items are collected seperately:

General Waste
Food Waste
Electrical Goods (WEEE)
Toner  Cartridges
Fluorescent tubes and Lamps

For more information about this and any other services and products we supply:

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