NEW!!! 110 ltr Meridian Envirobin

A new, slim-line internal recycling bin with capacity for dual waste streams allowing for a flexible and adaptable format enabling the bin to grow with the recycling objectives of the customer.
The bin comes with a large aperture for mixed recycling or general waste, and a smaller lift lid for general waste or food waste. The emphasis on the size of the recycling stream side is to encourage people to recycle more by putting waste in the large open aperture as opposed to resorting to using the small lift lid. This can also reflect the percentage of waste recycled.


H 852 x  W 600 x  D 400 (mm)

Product features:

Ideal for a wide range of internal waste recycling situations.

Use individually or in a group.
Sack retaining feature for discreet fitting of refuse bag.
WRAP compliant colour coded apertures and graphics as standard.
Area available for personalised graphic or company logo.
Slim body profile makes it ideal for placement along corridors and narrow walkways.
Optional – new easy to fit rotationally moulded A3 size signage kit.
optional – Bin Linkage.
Dual 70/30% split aperture.
Hinged lift lid with ergonomic groove for easy lifting.

Stainless steel sack retention bars for both waste streams ensure the front of the sack is secured and significantly reduces the chance of a visible sack skirt around the top of the bin. Once the lid is located on the body, grip features on the back of the lid tightly grip the rear of the plastic sack.Materials:

UV stabilised medium density moulded polyethylene (MDPE).
95% recycled material, UV stabilised medium density moulded polyethylene (MDPE).