Mixed Plastics, Food tins and Drinks cans are collected together in one bag/liner or bin.

Should you choose to use our services, we will arrange a collection schedule to remove the materials for recycling and take to a materials recycling facility (MRF) for sorting and grading. Once segregated and undergoing various stages of decontamination and further separation the items will be reused in the manufacturing of new products.

The amendments in September 2011 to the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations to include the ‘Waste Hierarchy’* means:
That waste producers have to adopt an order of priority when managing their waste prior to disposal.
From January the 1st 2015, waste producers will need to ensure their waste can be collected separately.

*Waste Hierarchy – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Energy Recovery, Landfill.

Why Recycle
Recycling plastics is good for the environment, as plastics that end up in landfill sites will take hundreds of years to degrade if not longer and it saves energy.

Keep it out of landfill but don’t dump it in the seas
Oceans of the world are full of plastic waste, which photo-degrades with sunlight, causing it to break up into small pieces, about 90% of it floating on the surface, with over 40,000 pieces per square mile. About 44% of all sea birds eat plastic by mistake. Mammals have also swallowed plastic bags which resemble jellyfish. Thousands of sea birds and marine mammals die each year as a result of consuming or being tangled up in plastic waste.

We can supply a full range of recycling containers for rental or purchase (see RECYCLING BINS).

Plastics Recycling Stickers


All materials should be clean and dry (NO Food or Fluids)



Plastic Bottles (inc bottle tops)
Plastic Bags
Yoghurt Pots
Margarine Tubs
Plastic Trays
Plastic Wrapping
Plastic Cups
Bubble Wrap
Carrier Bags

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