Zero Waste to Landfill Solutions (Incineration-waste to energy)

City Shredding’s mission is to provide efficient and environmentally responsible solutions to divert waste from landfill. Wastes considered unsuitable for other methods of recycling are sent to an Energy Recovery Centre for incineration. The heat generated from the process turns water into steam which drives turbines to create electricity. This is fed into the National Grid. The self sufficient centre in addition also provides power to 66,000 homes on an annual basis. The ash from the boiler grates are further recycled on site through a specialist process which removes any metals for re-use and the remaining material is graded and screened. The ash is then used as an aggregate for use in road building and construction.

Energy recovery provides a long term sustainable solution for waste disposal. Once the options of waste reduction, re-use and recycling are exhausted, residual waste can be sent to Energy Recovery Facilities to produce power for the National Grid, reducing  reliance on  fossil fuels and providing  energy from a constantly renewable source.
The Energy Recovery Facilities we use operate under strict environmental controls, using the mass-burn process to incinerate waste at temperatures where potentially harmful chemicals are destroyed. Residues and flue gases are carefully treated to ensure that potential pollutants are not allowed to enter the atmosphere. The facility is operated by experts in energy recovery technologies, working hard to ensure the plant remains efficient, technologically up to date and above all, safe.

FREE Waste Assessment

If you are thinking of using our services, we can offer you a free waste assessment. We will visit your site and analyse your waste streams, then determine the best routes of disposal. This allows us to offer you a tailored solution for the removal of your waste.

We can supply a full range of general waste containers for rental or purchase (see RECYCLING BINS).

General Waste Stickers


10 x 15 (cm) – £1.55 exc VAT each

20 x 30 (cm) – £3.25 exc VAT each   


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